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Hilton Worldwide has announced that it will add five hotels in Egypt to its portfolio in the next few years, while Marriott announced the opening of its first hotel in Egypt in Alexandria, Egypt. Located in the upscale King Mariout district of Alexandria, the hotel features a 1,500 square meter lobby, a 2,200-seat restaurant and Egypt's first premedion spa, one of the largest and most modern spa facilities in the world.

The Axis Bar is the social centre of the hotel, where guests can meet and enjoy a fun atmosphere. Each room has a full-service bar, a private dining room and a lounge area. The Executive Rooms act like an Executive Lounge where guests enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks throughout the day.

Although there is a bartender, only soft drinks and water are usually available except for large bottles. If you want to drive to the Hilton Beach, you can call the hotel employee and get a taxi (which is your friend, of course) to take you there. Hilton Corniche is one of Egypt's most popular tourist destinations if you know where to go.

Although it takes at least 30 to 60 minutes to get to the city centre, the location is good if you walk past the hotel. There is a traffic light where you could probably run over, but there is no sign that you are heading towards the ocean.

Hilton Alexandria King Ranch is the only hotel loyalty program that allows members to earn points and miles for blackout dates as a reward for staying. If you prefer points and miles, you should check out the Alexandria Corniche Hilton, as it is one of the best points-based hotels in Egypt, and the rate paid is usually $100 or more.

The hotel has 199 modern rooms, including 20 suites and 21 executive rooms, all of which are designed for relaxation, relaxation and work. Hilton Alexandria King Ranch offers guests a variety of leisure facilities. La Terrasse is the perfect place to enjoy the natural beauty of the area; the sun-drenched terrace is surrounded by lush gardens and offers views of Egypt, the Nile and the city of Alexandria, as well as the Mediterranean Sea.

The ocean view rooms may have a better view, but it is worth noting that the accommodation does not have the same amenities as Hilton Alexandria King Ranch. The bathrooms are on the very small side, as the walls were moved during the renovation of the Hilton Egypt Corniche, and the windows are incredibly noisy, which is terrible. This is basically the main problem with the Corniches at the Hilton; if you want to go swimming in the Mediterranean, you have fantastic sea views.

When you enter, there is a sink right in front of you and the sink at the back of the room, with a small shower and a shower stall at the end.

Then there are various hot dishes, including Arabic and Western, and then a variety of salads and pasta and a few desserts.

Hilton Alexandria Corniche is a little short when it comes to Western dishes, although the salmon pizza is good and everything else is average. Given the very low prices of the other foods, I would recommend skipping the Hilton Executive Lounge at Alexandria Corniche and just snacking. Therefore, we would definitely prefer the Four Seasons Alexandria for a bar reservation and recommend staying at the Hilton of Alexandria's Corniches. If you use this hotel only as a base for a trip, it is a good choice, but if you use it only as your hotel, then it would not be the best choice.

Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza is more of a business hotel than a resort and was voted Egypt's leading conference hotel this year. It's a good choice if you're in town for business. Hilton Worldwide's portfolio of hotels in Egypt is said to have incredible properties across the country. The Hilton Hotel currently operates the Alam Al-Azhar Hotel in Alexandria, which opened in March this year (pictured above).

EGYPS 2020 hosted 438 exhibitors from 80 countries and welcomed 30,369 participants. The number of participants in the second edition of the annual conference in Cairo, Egypt, increased this summer compared to the first month of 2016. The high quality interactive experience includes a variety of interactive activities such as interactive games, interactive exhibits and interactive workshops, as well as live entertainment.

The hotel staff somehow recognised my name and returned my card before I went to the airport, but this was because I had sold the wrong postage and the card would never make it to Egypt. The hotel offered to convert one of my rooms into a junior suite, so I got one room and am still in the same room.

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