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The Egypt Petroleum Show (EGYPS) is the world's leading oil and gas exhibition and conference in Cairo, Egypt, the capital of Egypt and the Middle East, as well as North Africa. In the third year of EGEPS 2020, 30,369 participants were welcomed and 438 exhibitors from 80 countries were received.

The hotel is the eighteenth Hilton Worldwide hotel in Egypt and demonstrates the company's commitment to expanding its operations. It will join Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh and further strengthen its growing brand presence in the Middle East and North Africa and further strengthen its presence in these countries. The hotel is the fourth hotel in Cairo and the eighteenth outside Egypt to showcase the brand's global reach in expanding its operations.

Support to Egypt, which has been particularly affected by the Covid 19 outbreak, as well as other affected countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

It will support accredited training programmes aimed at a large number of young men and women. ITCE and its third round will take place in February 2020 in Aswan, Egypt (see March 2020, Pharos University, Alexandria). The aim of the conference is to bring together experts in the field of infectious disease prevention and treatment as well as health experts to examine the development of new approaches to the prevention, treatment and management of diseases in Egypt. All correspondence relating to this conference should be sent to: the selected papers will then be published in a special issue of the ICTE Journal of Infectious Disease Prevention and Control.

Prevention and treatment of infectious diseases in Egypt: the first phase of the ITCE conference in Alexandria, Egypt, 2017.

Located in the upscale King Mariout district of Alexandria, the hotel features Egypt's first Premedion Spa dedicated to the health and wellbeing of its guests. The 6,000 square metre property features the hotel's main lobby, a private dining room, a fitness centre and a spa.

The hotel has 199 modern rooms, including 20 suites and 21 executive rooms, all of which are designed for relaxation, relaxation and work. The 726 rooms comprise 471 private suites, 2 suites with private kitchens and 3 suites for private meals and entertainment. The hotel has also been redesigned as a luxury hotel with a total of 4 71 rooms, including a spa, fitness centre, indoor pool and gym.

The 1087 rooms comprise 471 private suites, 2 suites with private kitchens and 3 suites for private meals and entertainment. The 409 rooms comprise 409 private rooms, 4 suites and 4 executive rooms with spa, fitness centre, indoor pool and gym.

Souk Hyatt features an indoor pool, fitness centre, indoor room, spa, gym and gym with indoor pool.

Souk Hyatt Hotel in Alexandria, Egypt offers a selection of continental and oriental cuisine and views of the pyramids.

Hilton Alexandria King Ranch offers guests a variety of leisure facilities. Set in a large landscaped garden overlooking the Red Sea, next to Naama Bay and a ten-minute drive from the airport, the hotel offers a wide range of events and events.

An open-air roof terrace offers stunning views of the Nile and the city below. Enjoy a refreshing beer or drink while enjoying the breathtaking views of your city and the Nile. You will be fascinated by the sight of the Nile flowing through Cairo's cityscape while enjoying the scene. Rotate 360 degrees to enjoy the view and refreshing cocktails, food and drinks, as well as the view.

Not to be confused with El Mundo, which is used for special occasions, it is located next to the newly opened Nillilie boat, which has moored at the Manial Corniche at the northern tip of the island. You can float through the city while cruising luxuriously on the Nile with the Marquise.

Located in the well-established Pyramids Heights Business Park, the hotel offers access to a wide range of restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and hotels. The location is just a short walk from the city center and a few blocks from many of Egypt's most popular tourist attractions.

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