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After the construction of the Cairo - Aswan railway in 1898, Thomas Cook & Söhne built a world-famous hotel on the site of the former King of Queens casino. Omar Khayyam Hotel became so popular that it was nationalized in the 1970s and later acquired by Marriott International. It is the second largest hotel in Egypt after the Al-Azhar Hotel in Cairo and one of the most famous hotels in Egypt and the world.

The palace was operated as an exclusive Gezirah Palace Hotel until 1879, when it was taken over by the Egyptian hotel company due to unpaid debts. Many of the original artworks and furniture can be found in the hotel's reception rooms and lounges. The Cairo Marriott, which stands today, is still the same palace where Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III, lived and where the wedding of Khedive Ismail's son took place, which lasted 40 days. The Hotel Le Metropole Windsor in Cairo, which stands today, has seen much better days, but it still sticks to giving modern guests a taste of the golden age and many of its original artworks and furniture. Windsor was bought by Thomas Cook & Son, making it one of Egypt's most famous hotels after his stay at the British Officers' Club.

The couple expanded the lodge into a country estate and named it Mena House, after Egypt's first pharaoh. The 1978 film was also shot there, as was the famous Egyptian series Grand Hotel. What really put the Winter Palace on the map was the story of the wedding of Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Albert II.

The Semiramis is named after the ancient queen of Babylon and is one of the first hotels to be built in Cairo on the Nile. Swiss hoteliers built it, but most others were built in the Ezbakiya district of downtown Cairo, so it was actually the first of its kind in Egypt. Julius Caesar, the last pharaoh of ancient Egypt, who probably did not need any introduction, had a temple built in honour of his lover Caesar.

The modern management could confuse the date of its foundation with the historic hotel, which is located next to the Winter Palace. This classic Alexandria hotel has no relation to the Windsor Hotel in downtown Cairo. Windsor in downtown Cairo was built in 1893 as part of a bathing complex for the royal family, but its architecture is very similar to that of the Al-Azhar Hotel, the former residence of King Khan Abdul Aziz II.

Kempinski's rooftop terrace offers beautiful views of the Nile and Alexandria, as well as the city.

The Heliopolis Fairmont Towers are all inclusive, but food and beverages are not included. Prices starting from LE 750 are for rooms only, starting from LE 1,500 per night for a stay of four nights or LE 2,000 per week for two nights. The most expensive room in the hotel with a maximum of four rooms costs only LE 325 per room, all other rooms are all-inclusive.

The Splash, the main pool at the Cairo Marriott, offers an oasis - like an environment in the heart of Cairo, surrounded by gardens. Enjoy a dip in the pool and make it popular with people on a budget and those on a budget.

The Marquise, an open-air terrace on the hotel's roof, offers breathtaking views over the Nile and the city below. Luxuriously cruise the river with your family, friends, family and colleagues on a Nile cruise in the Marquise and you will be fascinated by how it flows through Cairo's cityscape and enjoy the scene.

The hotel offers special day packages - tailor-made packages for Egyptians and foreign residents from LE 260 per person for a double room in August. The offer includes accommodation for two adults and one child, which includes two nights in a hotel room, two days of free parking and free meals for up to four people.

Discover an oasis for activities at the Hilton Alexandria Corniche or refresh yourself at the Hilton Luxor, where the day - use price is only LE 500 for a double room.

Start a career at IHG to discover your true potential and contact your local colleagues to learn more about the job opportunities in Cairo. In Egypt we have 3 brands and 5 hotels, all of which are InterContinental Cairo and Citystars. This offer is only available to Egyptians and foreign residents and includes all service charges and applicable taxes.

Located in Nasr City, away from Cairo, Sonesta Hotel Tower Casino was built at the end of the 19th century on the site of the ancient city of Zamalek. The modern Zamalsek favourite was originally built by Khedive Ismail to be a destination for foreign royalty and other VIPs who come to the inauguration of the Suez Canal. The Radjah Grand Casino welcomes guests from all over the world to the hotel, which is located at the intersection of Al-Qasr Street and al-Azhar Street in the Old City of Cairo.

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