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The King and Queens Casino is a hotel and casino in Cairo, Egypt, the capital of Egypt and one of the oldest casinos in the world. The palace was operated as an exclusive Gezirah Palace Hotel until 1879, when it was taken over by the Egyptian hotel company due to unpaid debts. It was nationalized and became the Omar Khayyam Hotel, which was later taken over by Marriott International in 1970. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Royal Palace was to be opened to dignitaries attending the opening of the Suez Canal that year, which was home to the Royal Palace of Cairo, the Royal Palace and a number of other hotels.

The hotel as it stands today has had much better days than the Metropole Windsor in Cairo, but it has retained its original splendour and gives modern guests the feeling that the hotel is back to its golden days. Decorated and designed to resemble the original Royal Palace of Cairo and its surroundings, it retains many of the same features as the salons and restaurant serving French gourmet.

The reception looks like it was from a 1930s movie, while the rooftop terrace offers great views of the city and the Nile River, as well as the hotel's many restaurants and bars. The Kempinski enjoys a magnificent view of the Nile and is complemented by a host of services and amenities.

The Heliopolis Fairmont Towers are all inclusive, and prices from LE 750 (based on rooms only) start with a night in a hotel and a two-night stay in one of the restaurants. At the Hilton Hotel, the Sharm of Dreams Day - Use Package LE 350 includes access to all hotels and restaurants, as well as a private pool, spa and fitness centre. Food and drinks are not included in the price and are only offered up to LE 325 per room, but all other services and amenities are included.

For JW Marriott Deluxe rooms the price is up to LE 1,500 (only for rooms) and 80% of the bed.

For JW Marriott Deluxe rooms the price is up to LE 1,500 (for room only) and 80% of the bed, and LE 2,000 (for room and bed).

The hotel offers a special day - a package tailored to Egyptians and foreign residents from LE 260 per person for a double room in August. The deal includes accommodation for two adults and one child, which includes two nights at the Hilton Alexandria Corniche, two days of free parking and a free meal. Discover the oasis of activity at Hilton Egypt's Alexandria Corniche with a visit to the hotel restaurant, bar, spa, fitness centre and fitness centre.

One of the wonderful things about a seaside resort like Alexandrie is that you can go out and really relax and have a great time at the local casino. Alexandria is blessed with a wide range of attractions, from restaurants, bars and bars to restaurants and cafes. Enjoy a swim in the pool : The Splash, the main pool of the Cairo Marriott, surrounded by gardens, offers an oasis - like an environment for the heart of Cairo.

If you are planning a trip to Alexandria, don't miss it, as it is an absolute must - especially for those interested in the history of Egypt and its people.

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This allows travelers to search a variety of airlines to find the cheapest fares. This offer is only available to Egyptians and foreign residents and includes all service charges and applicable taxes.

The Cairo Marriott Hotel is located on the island of El Semiramis, which surrounds the Nile, and the 1978 film was also shot there. Sobe the famous "Egyptian" series of the Grand Hotel, so every hotel on the planet has many rooms that offer views of this timeless stone landmark. Located in Cairo, Egypt, it takes full advantage of the historic sites of Egypt with stunning views.

The Cairo Marriott, which stands today, is still the same palace where Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III, lived and hosted the 40-day wedding of Khedive Ismail's son. The palace is now managed by Marriott Corp., and many rooms have been restored to their original splendor. Many of the original artworks and furniture can be found in the hotel's reception rooms and lounges.

More than 30 properties are currently under development in Egypt, with a further 9,000 hotel rooms to be added to the group's luxury and upscale segment by 2021, according to Ahmed Al Badr, who is currently working on the development of the Cairo Marriott Hotel and its sister properties in Cairo and Alexandria.

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