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Since the end of the First World War, some of the biggest musical stars in the Middle East have been Egyptians. However, the Egyptian electronic music scene has only recently gained a mainstream foothold.

Contemporary music is currently gaining a huge place on the Egyptian music market and there are some new faces. Hamza El-Din has worked with the Kronos Quartet and is now one of the most influential artists of electronic music in Egypt. Ali Hassan Kuban is a regular guest on the world music scene and his efforts have made him a significant influence on many of Egypt's most popular electronic artists, making him the new face of "Egyptian music." Country "and" Country, "which have become the Egyptian national anthem, and" Rising Egyptian "is Darvish's" most memorable nationalist composition. "

, a light melody originally composed for al Rihani al-Kassar, is now part of Egyptian folklore.

Ahu Da Illi Sar is still popular in Egypt for the same reason: Since its first composition, probably in 1919, it has been performed and recorded by numerous prominent Egyptian and Arab artists. Ahmed Mounib, his mentor, was one of the most remarkable Nubian singers to reach the Egyptian music scene, and sang and sang in his own way. His son Ziad Rahbani, who opened his last concert in Cairo in 1989 with "Da Illa Sar," also recorded it. The 29-year-old Arab rapper is now the boss of an underground label he co-founded eleven years ago in Alexandria.

Nine months ago, Y - Crew, the label he co-founded, released a song called "Blinded," a tribute to his father's death in a car accident nine years ago.

Western observers often portray Ramis Isam as a harbinger of an "Egyptian artist" who is transcending stale traditions, but it is clear that he sees himself as connected to Egypt's revolutionary cultural heritage. There are several daring numbers he recorded and performed, such as "Dawah" and "Hafsa," a tribute to his father's death.

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In the ancient history of Egypt there are over 100 notable female specialists who are recorded in the field of medicine. We suggest that future empirical research should examine how to improve women's knowledge in ancient Egypt. According to Banduras "social learning theory, we argue that our understanding of the relationship between women and the pharaohs under whom Egypt was ruled and their role in Egyptian history can improve.

Most of the stars, including Umm Kulthum and Nagat El-Saghira, are part of traditional Egyptian music. The liturgical music of the Alexandrian rite is said to have preserved many characteristics of the music of the ancient Egyptians and is an important element of this music. It was important for the Greeks and for European music until well into the Middle Ages and probably had a significant influence on the music of other ancient cultures such as Greece, Spain, Italy, France and Italy.

Opera also became more and more popular in the 18th century and Giuseppe Verdi's Egyptian Aida under the motto "Aida" was premiered in Cairo on 24 December 1871. The theatre was known as Alexandria Opera House and was built after the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 It was renamed the Sayed Darwish Theatre.

The song refers to the 1956 Suez War, which was known in Egypt as tripartite aggression, when Egypt was attacked by Israel, France, and Britain after President Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal. Despite its strategic location in the Gulf of Aqaba, Egypt has a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, and the Nile flows along its entire length. The name "Nagm" still has a revolutionary aura throughout Egypt and is also traded.

Egypt is one of the most populous countries in the Middle East and the third largest economy in the world. Cairo is the capital and also the capital of tourist attractions and the economy. There are 80 pyramids in Egypt, but the Great Pyramid of Giza, the largest and most famous of all and also home to some of Egypt's most important archaeological sites, are the most famous and best - well - preserved in Cairo, Alexandria, Daraa, Cairo University, Al-Azhar and Alexandria. Egypt is a major tourist destination with a population of more than 3.5 million people. Cairo is not only the capital, but also the tourist capital of the country.

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