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Tourists are spoilt for choice when it comes to doing something at night in Cairo, because there is never a dull moment. One of the best things about Cairo's nightlife, especially in the evenings, is a relaxing dinner cruise on the Nile. Therefore, it is best to take a Nile cruise every evening.

In Alexandria, the Library of Alexandria (Bibliotheca Alexandria) is the best place to buy good maps and also to get information about the city. Cruise the Nile, stroll through the many mosques and museums, enjoy delicious local cuisine and a vibrant nightlife. Visit Cairo Tower and discover the ancient city of Cairo with its many museums and monuments and beautiful architecture.

If you stay in the Cairo area, it will be 1-2 days, but if you only want to visit a few important highlights and spend a full day in Alexandria, you can visit the old town of Cairo, the Great Mosque of Egypt and the National Museum. Check out our guide to Egypt's most popular tourist destinations in Cairo and Alexandria, because we will be there too.

We hope you can visit some of the most beautiful places and read our latest government safety advice before your trip. As always, you can ask us questions about your trip and leave us a comment below with your thoughts on what to do in Alexandria, Egypt.

There are a number of things to do in Alexandria, Egypt, but we would put together a route based on what you like best from our list of highlights. We hope the above gives you the information you need to plan your trip to Alexandria Egypt and its nightlife options. You can also find a list of Alexandria and Egypt highlights to help you put together your own itineraries for your next visit to the city and other parts of Egypt. There are many more options depending on your interest, so we build your itinerary based on what you liked most of our lists and highlights.

No matter which city resonates with you, both Alexandria and Cairo will show you a different side of modern Egyptian life. If you're looking for a fun place to look outside Alexandria, the city won't disappoint.

There are many activities for tourists to enjoy in Egypt at night, and there are things to do in Alexandria, Egypt that fit a number of interests and budgets. There are many cities in Cairo that offer a variety of nightlife options, from restaurants and bars to bars and nightclubs and a number of hotels.

For tourists who want to move outside the city, there are buses and trains that run from Alexandria to various places in Egypt. Here you will find many companies and individual licensed guides offering guided private day trips and guided group bus tours. Guided tours are a great way to make a day trip between Alexandria and Cairo, as you will be provided with a means of transport and a guide who can help you explore the highlights of each city. For longer guided tours, you can read my experience with guided tours in Alexandria, Egypt, written by Laurence.

If you haven't spent much time in Africa or Egypt, you should check out the last section, which gives a great overview of the history of Africa and Egypt in general, as well as some travel tips for Egypt.

Alexandria Dating Guide advises you on how to pick up Egyptian girls and meet local women in Alexandria. Read more about where to find sex in Egypt, the history of Alexandria, the Egyptian nightlife and the best places to settle in Alexandria Egypt.

If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Alexandria in this dating guide, you have come to the right place. The city of Alexandria can be a paradise if you are well versed in tips on how to pick up girls. This city is the perfect place to escape from the chaos, culture shock and facial features.

It is possible to find discos and nightclubs in Egypt that offer a variety of music, including hip-hop, techno, rock, reggae, pop, rap and even hip-hop. There is a lot to discover in the city of Alexandria, with a wide selection of hotels and casinos, including a number of bars, restaurants, hotels, bars and clubs as well as restaurants.

As for cuisine, Alexandria is best known for its seafood and offers many of the same options you will find in Egypt, but it offers a wide variety of different types of seafood as well as a number of other dishes, some of which will not be found in other parts of Egypt. A common local complaint is that Alexandria falls well short of expectations when it comes to watering holes. There is not a single city in Egypt that hosts tourists and has no bar. In fact, in most Western countries, Cairo is the place to be in trendy nightclubs and bars.

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