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Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt, stretching along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and boasting a magnificent skyline. It is also the ancient Egyptian city that brought ancient cultural norms and values to society. Alexandria is located on the north coast of Egypt and has inspired artists, authors and historians for generations, but it has only recently entered the Egyptian culinary scene. Alexandria was also referred to as "Egypt's second largest economic city," famous as a historic site.

Alexandria is also equipped with many exciting activities and also offers nice restaurants for locals and visitors, such as the Royal Palace, the Grand Palace and the Palace of Alexandria.

One of Alexandria's pleasures is to eat fresh fish from the Mediterranean in the seafood restaurants overlooking the eastern port. The seafood in these Greek-inspired restaurants is the best you can find anywhere in Egypt and they offer a unique and toothless experience. Other notable restaurants in Alexandria are the Old Town, where a handful of restaurants are offered, such as the long-closed but still very popular Al-Azhar restaurant, as well as some other popular restaurants.

Many restaurants in Alexandria are known for their stunning coastal location, serving freshly caught seafood, often grilled on hot coals and sometimes baked with salt.

Limes and okra (Bamya in Egyptian Arabic) are popular vegetables in Egypt, and this recipe usually uses chopped veal liver - perfectly fried with garlic. Ta - meya (Egyptian falafel) is made from ground beans of the fava, a broad bean that is made in Egypt and later processed into a paste. These fried balls, made from ameya (Egyptian name) and used as the basis for a variety of dishes, most likely originate from ancient Egypt.

Historians tell us that Egypt was the first place in ancient times where food consisted mainly of meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts, spices, herbs and spices. The ancient Egyptians did not drink from the Nile, which can be read in recipes for ancient Egyptian food.

If you want a soul - a satisfactory breakfast - there is no better place in Alexandria than Al - Khaleed al - Balbaa, one of the city's most popular restaurants. They serve a variety of sandwiches that fill and a mouth - the water in the shwarma. If you're ready to try some of Egypt's best dishes, head to downtown Alexandria and try BalBAa's Hammam Mahshi. Grab a quick plate from the Khale and head to the other side of town for lunch or dinner.

The restaurant is owned by Zizi Salem, the retired queen of belly dance in Alexandria, and is one of the best restaurants in Alexandria. Egyptian food is a combination of different foods that have come to Egypt throughout its existence. Mohamed Ahmed serves Alex's favorite falafel fuul, but the food found in Egypt is a fusion of all the different civilizations that came to him during Egypt's history, such as Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Assyrians, Jews, Muslims, Christians, and others.

The books of Ancient Egypt contain examples, and you can see that today we can see that the ancient Egyptians would have eaten a lot of vegetables and fruit, but also a lot of meat and fish.

If you're interested in dining in the royal city, you can stick to the restaurants you've tried and loved on site, as they have everything from popular favorites to hidden gems. The above restaurants are among the most visited in Alexandria and all offer a variety of specialties. Read on to find out what dishes they taste like - spoil restaurants when you travel there. Here are the best restaurants in Alexandria that will give you a taste of what the two below need to see.

Many of the best hotels in Alexandria offer Western cuisine, but if you don't want to try local Egyptian dishes and specialties, you won't. The flavours found on the Nile are the main ingredients of falafel, which can be found throughout the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. Named after one of Egypt's most famous rivers, the Alexandria River, many gourmets have declared it the "best" river.

Egyptian desserts, inherited hundreds of years ago, must not be missed, nor must they be missed. Many tombs and paintings from ancient Egypt show Egyptians feasting on a kind of honey cake, according to archaeologists. The Egyptians know their food as a culinary tradition that goes back to the ancient times of the pharaohs. Archaeologists have even discovered the first evidence of food preparation in Egypt in the Middle East and North Africa. The Egyptians have a long tradition of preparing their food by adding certain spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, turmeric and cloves.

Egyptian flatbread made of whole wheat flour is baked in a red hot oven and baked on a baking tray. Egyptian bread is called eisch and is a central part of many Egyptian cuisines. Eating, cooked with beans, has been a staple on the Egyptian palette for centuries. The bustling market of Cairo, home to the largest market in the Middle East and North Africa, is home to hundreds of shops and restaurants.

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