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One of the most important tactics tourists and even Egyptians need to learn is how to negotiate and negotiate to get the best price. New dessert shops from the new millennium seem to open and compete with each other every day in Egypt. Ask the seller for Egyptian products and he will offer you a good price. However, if the product is wonderful and would be the perfect souvenir for the trip home to Egypt, then it is necessary to negotiate to buy such a product. If you shop at one of these markets, especially the tourist ones, how do you act or go alone?

I hope you enjoy your stay in Alexandria because Egyptians like to make you feel at home. Always feel free to come back many times and ask me questions about your trip and leave me a list of things to do in and around Alexandria Egypt.

There is almost no tourist market in Egypt, but there are many things to do in Alexandria Egypt that fit a number of interests and budgets. Egypt is uniquely Egyptian, as it is also the home of the hand-blown muski (as they are called in the country) and also of the bees (hand-blown muski). Another handmade product of Egypt are Bedouin jewelry, which traditionally comes from the Sinai Peninsula (Siwa Oasis) and often incorporates many coins into its designs. The country's glass products are made from plates, vases, glass candlesticks, etc.

While the souk in Luxor serves mainly as a tourist market and invites you to stroll in the evening, in Alexandria the ancient stalls are grouped around the area of the Sharia el-Attareen. Alexandria is surrounded by a remarkable local market known as the Attarine Market, which sells all kinds of antiques in a maze of narrow streets and alleys. Many shops that you find in the streets of the city, such as Al-Azhar and the Old Town, sell everything from pure cotton shirts to jewelry, clothing, shoes and even children's clothing.

The Friday market includes many other products that are brought in from all over Cairo and the region of Egypt. The local market is located in the Old City, Al-Azhar and Alexandria, as well as in other parts of the city. Egypt has adopted a tax-free zone policy, so that local markets can be found everywhere in the country, not only in Cairo, but also in Egypt as a whole.

If you are looking for the best shopping experience in Alexandria and great views of the city, you might want to visit the San Stefano Mall, located in the Old Town, Al-Azhar and other parts of Alexandria. You will find an amazing shopping centre so large that it dwarfs the average European shopping centre, and it is one of the most popular shopping centres in Egypt.

Travelling with luggage will not be a task, as this place is a great place to buy everything trendy, classy and Italian. The number of shopping opportunities in Alexandria may seem small, but they are numerous and Cairo has many more shopping centers in size and variety than Alexandria.

If you are spending your last stay in Egypt, be sure to bring a bag with a little more space for souvenirs. In Alexandria, the Alexandria Library (Bibliotheca Alexandria) is one of the best places to buy good maps and also to get information about the city. If you don't have a guide to Egypt or you're not interested in a guide, consider buying a good guide to Egypt that will help you visit the main sights. The Egypt travel guide is the most recommended, but Lonely Planet Egypt Guide is also one that is a little out of budget.

When visiting Alexandria, do not forget to visit the following places: The Greco-Roman Museum is the most important museum in Alexandria (built in 1887) and here you can buy some of the popular tourist souvenirs from Egypt, including the Egyptian pyramids, papyrus and spices so popular in Egypt. You can also visit Alexandria to visit the other important archaeological sites of Egypt such as the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx. It may not be as big as what you just visited, but it has a lot of historical artifacts that you might not have had if you had just visited it, so you really enjoy it.

With an interesting exterior made of Aswan granite and figures from 120 different human scriptures, it is a museum that many Egyptians believe has spent too much money on building a library.

No matter how much you resist shopping in the city, Alexandria's famous outlet makes it easy to put things in the shopping cart with the click of a mouse. The souks, local markets and large bazaars are the most notable attractions in Egypt. They occupy the center of Islamic Cairo and are part of the main shopping district of Egypt's second-largest city. Market and Bazaar Egypt offers tourists a wide range of shopping opportunities, from the traditional markets to the more modern and modern.

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