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Egypt was hit by severe weather on Thursday night, with several ports closed due to flooding. The Met Office said it was the start of a "very rare" storm with heavy rain, thunderstorms, lightning and high winds and high winds.

The Egyptian Meteorological Agency expects the sand to be accompanied by strong winds that will cause severe disruption to shipping. The Met Office said heavy rain and strong winds were expected in the south of the country on Friday, with heavy rain and thunderstorms on the east coast of Egypt and the Mediterranean.

During the summer months Alexandria is cooler than other areas of Egypt and therefore a very popular holiday destination. This article explains why visiting Alexandria, Egypt in winter is much cooler than visiting in summer. According to Mohammad al-Raey of Alexandria University, who has been studying sea level rise for decades, the biggest concern is sea level rise and its impact on the climate.

In the south, April days are already scorching and nights cool, but in coastal towns, the summer is pleasant with the sea breeze. In the north, the summer is most oppressive in cities like Cairo and most repressive in Cairo. The absolute best month is probably November in the north, the coolest period is from the end of October to the beginning of April. The temperature is high in spring, but it cools down in the summer months, with the exception of the first weeks of July and August.

On the other hand, we enjoy the fact that you can visit the area almost in any season. As seen in Marsa Alam, the sea temperature is slightly higher in May, although it does not exceed 22 degrees Celsius (72 degrees) through Feb. This is good, because, as I said, it is cool in May, but not as hot as in April.

On hot days, the temperature can reach up to 30 degrees Celsius in the south, and up to 10 degrees on hot nights. Here is the average temperature in Luxor: the daily maximum temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius, although the temperatures drop at night.

The average maximum temperature ranges from 21 degrees in January to 37 degrees in August and from 22 degrees in February to 29 degrees in July. The average temperature in the south of the country, the capital of Egypt, varies between 22 degrees Celsius (February) and 29 degrees Celsius (August) and the average minimum temperature of 20 degrees Celsius (January).

If you are planning a February vacation, it is advisable to bring warm clothes for the evening. If you want to visit Alexandria, the best time is in winter (November to February), when the weather is usually mild and sunny. The best times are in Sharm el-Sheikh, for example, from 57degF to 77degf. Based on this review is a good time to visit Alexandria in the summer months (July, August, September and October) from early June to mid-October. Those who want to visit Egypt's most popular tourist destinations, such as the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, have good times in winter, from November to February, when it is mild, sunny and warm.

If your trip to Egypt is in the summer and you plan to spend the night in the desert, you need warm clothes as it seems crazy during the day. In Cairo, the winter minimum is 2oC at night, so it is convenient to wear warmer clothes. Every time you travel to Egypt, you should bring a coat and warm shoes, especially if you want to visit Alexandria.

In Alexandria and on the Mediterranean coast you can add raincoat and umbrella to it and in the evening light sweatshirts for the coast. Bring summer clothes for the Mediterranean coast and Cairo: In Cairo, bring a warm jacket for those who could not be heated by the hotel or house. In Alexandria, on the Mediterranean coast, add an umbrella and umbrella or bring summer clothes for Cairo.

If you are looking for a very warm time to visit Alexandria, the hottest months are August, July and then September. When dry weather is needed, June - July August is the warmest month for the Mediterranean coast and Cairo, and also the coldest for Alexandria.

Based on the results of the beach and pool, the best time of year to visit Alexandria for a great beach or pool experience is from early June to mid-October.

Most people avoid Egypt between May and September because the heat is more intense, but in Alexandria it can often be quite pleasant during this time. Further south, it is intense and dry, and where the prevailing summer winds come from the desert, the humidity is low and the humidity high. This is the time of year when heat can flood you, as you can see in Sharm el-Sheikh, where the sun is everywhere. In the north, you can experience cooler temperatures during the summer months, which will give you a breather from the scorching heat that will dominate the rest of the year. The heat, on the other hand, is unbearable from mid-August to early September, especially in northern Egypt, where humidity is low.

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